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Our Mission:

MBrown Tech Services is committed to providing our clients with a unique IT experience focusing on commitment to excellence, quality care, and individualized and custom support for our clients’ business needs. Successful client relationships are the cornerstone of our business and our continuous commitment to foster, retain, and constantly improve on these relationships is a priority when partnering with a company on their IT needs.

Our History:

In 2016, Mike Brown, After many years working in the technology industry, decided to focus his efforts on creating a company that would provide not only excellent IT services, but would also focus heavily on the “client services” side where clear communication, being proactive, and client satisfaction were a priority. While he understood how important the “technical side” was, he also believed it was equally important to create an environment where his staff could communicate with their clients with ease, clearly outline solutions, and resolve things quickly and responsively in a pleasant and personable manner.

Our team is trained and dedicated to providing clients with quality IT support and service over the phone, through e-mail, or in person. We pride ourselves on not just “fixing” the problems presented, but going above and beyond in client communication, proactive thinking, and managing our clients’ expectations and satisfaction throughout.

Our Clients:
MBrown Tech Services is based in East Texas. Our clients range from 1-3000+ employees, with a diverse clientele of professional services.  We offer a range of services that encompass every aspect of a company’s technology landscape and are custom tailored to the unique business needs our client’s desire.

MBrown Tech Services

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